Wachs Strategies Website

A website design for Wach Strategies, a consulting firm that focuses on social impact.

Project Overview

Wachs Strategies is a social impact consulting firm that helps businesses implement CSR programs. Their current website was dated and wasn’t converting traffic coming to the website. They approached us to create a funnel that could drive traffic and convert via the website.

Our team engaged with them to create a high-converting website and a marketing funnel that drove relevant visitors as well as converted them.

The Wach Strategies Team approached MadHatter to recreate their website to look modern, sophisticated and easy for their internal team to use and update.

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Our Approach

When Josh Wachs came to us, they had a basic website which could effectively function as a one page website, a few content ideas and a logo to get started with. We helped them put all the foundations in place by creating a brand style guide, developing sitemap and a engaging website catered for their needs.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Branding Review
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design Mockups
  • Website Development
  • Push to Live

We work in an agile methodology where you’re involved in each step along the way.

Research & Discovery

Before we could start thinking about color palettes and writing catchy headlines, our brand team needed to go through an extensive discovery process. In the initial stage, we embarked on a rigorous exploration of the competitive landscape. We put peer organizations under the microscope and talked to over a dozen stakeholders, including the partners of the Capria to understand the value Capria brings to the table. This analysis provided us with a solid understanding and directed our strategy for Capria Ventures’ website transformation.

Branding Review

Our branding assessment revealed the need to rework AC Ventures’ existing brand elements. The firm only had a logo that wasn’t optimized for the web usage. We transformed the logo into a vector format and adapted its colors for screen compatibility. Further, we developed a comprehensive style guide, giving AC Ventures standards for logo styles, fonts, and colors.

Information Architecture

Once the branding was in place, we moved to the website planning phase. We first mapped out the site architecture as a sitemap ensuring we had pages for all audiences. The old website didn’t have any content grouping or a sitemap with parent and child pages.

After the sitemap, we created the page structure on what sections will be showcased in each page of the website. In addition, this also helps us understand how to link different pages in a logical way to guide the website visitors.

Design Mockups

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Website Development

During the development phase of the Wachs Strategies website, we focused on creating relevant experience for different kinds of audience that would be visiting the website. The notable highlights of the implementation were:

  • Animated elements on the website to make it interactive.
  • Easy editable webpages that the client could change with minimal / no learning curve.
  • Unique menu bar which translated as a sentence as well as a menu.
  • Utilising solid colors that reflected both the brand and sector.
  • Adding impactful imagery that showed diversity and impact.
  • Creating separate pages for each of their audiences and case studies
  • Optimising main pages and audience segment pages for SEO

To ensure that the website was accessible to a wide range of users, we made sure that it was responsive across all devices. This involved extensive testing to ensure that the website worked as intended on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. By designing the website with a mobile-first approach, we were able to ensure that it provided a seamless user experience across all devices.

We also implemented animated elements throughout the website to make it more interactive and engaging. This included subtle animations on hover, animated sections, and other dynamic elements that helped to bring the content to life.

Delivery & Outcomes

Adrian Li, Partner at AC Ventures and the team were extremely satisfied with the website that was delivered. The new design helped to improve their online presence and better convey their investment philosophy, which has helped them to attract the right people, including founders and investors who are aligned with their values and goals. Overall, the project was a great success, and AC Ventures was thrilled with the final result.

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