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Simple & Co is an independent creative agency for all your branding, video and photography needs based in Mumbai, India.

Project Overview

Simple&Co is a Mumbai-based video production agency. Their team of creative professionals, has been dedicated to helping businesses tell captivating stories and effectively communicate their messages through the power of video. However, as their business grew, they realized that their existing website was holding them back. The site was slow, outdated, and failed to capture the essence of their innovative approach.

Collaborating closely with their team, we embarked on a journey to create a brand new website that would not only showcase their remarkable portfolio but also deliver a seamless and engaging user experience.

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Our Approach

When Supraket Mesharam came to us, he was trying to solve for one key problem – getting this website to work faster and showcase his brand better. But in the conversation he realised that problem was the website theme was restricting his ideas. And just fixing that wasn’t the solution. His current website also showcased more of his personal brand and works. The company’s niche and brand was getting lost in the multiple items showcased on the website.

We helped identify the core foundations of branding that needed to be done to ensure his ideal target audience found his website to be relevant.

Design Mockups

When designing the website mockups for Simple&Co, a Mumbai-based agency, our focus was on creating a clean and minimalistic design that reflected their brand identity. The color scheme incorporated teal, white, and black, which added a modern and sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetic. The clean and minimal design approach ensured that the content took center stage, allowing for easy navigation and a user-friendly experience. The new website design aimed to address the previous site’s issues of speed and outdated appearance, providing Simple&Co with a fresh and visually appealing online presence.

Design Elements

Minimal line art illustrations play a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of our agency website. These sleek and refined drawings serve as the perfect visual accompaniment to our digital presence, embodying the essence of simplicity and sophistication. Through clean lines and uncluttered compositions, these illustrations communicate complex ideas with effortless clarity. They not only contribute to an elegant aesthetic but also create a sense of professionalism and modernity, aligning seamlessly with our agency’s core values. These minimalist illustrations invite visitors to explore our website with a sense of ease and clarity, providing an inviting and visually pleasing user experience that reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Website Development

During the development phase of the Simple & Co website, our focus was on delivering a unique and engaging user experience. We incorporated animated elements throughout the site to make it interactive and visually captivating. Integration of their podcasts on Spotify added a dynamic touch, while a gradient reflecting the brand and sector enhanced the overall aesthetic. We also created separate pages for each portfolio company and optimized the main and portfolio pages for SEO. Ensuring accessibility across devices, we extensively tested the website’s responsive design on desktop, tablet, and mobile. By taking a mobile-first approach, we provided a seamless user experience. Overall, the development phase successfully combined visual appeal with functionality, delivering a website that met and exceeded client expectations.

Delivery & Outcomes

The website launch of Simple&Co was a resounding success. Supraket and his team were extremely satisfied and got a lot of great feedback from their clients on the new design.

The revamped website now showcases their portfolio in a visually stunning and user-friendly manner, attracting a wider audience and fostering increased engagement. With faster loading times and a modern interface, Simple&Co’s brand image has been elevated, positioning them as a leading video production agency in Mumbai, which won them new projects from enterprise customers such as Amazon, Google and Meta.

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