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A new-age creative agency
empowering brands
through design & tech solutions!   through interactive websites!   through result-driven marketing!  

A new-age creative agency empowering brands through design and tech solutions

MadHatter Creative is a creative consulting firm based in Bangalore, India. We specialize in creating brands identities, designing interactive websites, and crafting result-driven marketing campaigns.

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We’re here to help you with design, websites and marketing solutions.

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Our team can build your website or implement an integrated marketing strategy in a matter of days, not months, at a fraction of the cost. You walk away with a well-designed, custom-tailored solutions that work for your business.

Unlike traditional agencies, we believe businesses work best when the run the ship themselves without agency dependency. So we build solutions efficiently using no-code tools that easy to use and yield beautiful, scalable results. We approach every project with this mindset — it’s the thesis behind what we do.

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Trusted by

Brands of all shapes, sizes and industries

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Capria Ventures · AC Ventures · Lazeez Shawarma · Daytona Freight · TVS Capital · Autolinx Freight · MaxPro Management · Wachs Strategies · HB Developments
· Alumax Panel · Unitus Capital · Paloma Sjahrir Foundation · Oryx Aluminum · Key Education Foundation · Sikh Kids TV
and many more over the years

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How we can help

A decade-long collaboration with clients around the world has outlined 3 systematic project models that help our clients get results.

DFY  /  Project Based

Rooted in clearly defined scope and requirements, individual projects use an iterative process that targets specific goals. In this done-for-you (DFY), we support you in making critical decisions, assist in distilling your objective, and help you get there by executing tasks with proven processes.

No variables, no hidden expenses, no facade — only mutual gains. And then some. Backed by project growth, project based arrangements often naturally grow into retainer based arrangements.

DFY  /  Subscription

Depending on your needs, experience has taught us retainers or subscription models work best as continued support, stacked on top of individual projects. Subscriptions are the new-age retainers that give you more flexibility. They don’t bind you in any contracts, can be bundled with multiple skills, and can be paused/restarted anytime without any awkward conversations. 

With monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly subscriptions across all of our services and structured timely execution with weekly updates, we can be an extension of your team — a long-term partner that will help you scale and your team focus on what comes next. 

DWY  /  Ala-carte

What makes some relationships special is the flexibility on both sides. So we took on our client’s side and decided to support them by providing specific services and delivering individual components that uplift their brands and products. Sometimes this means just consulting and no execution, where we work with their existing agency vendor to work towards a specific objective. 

The done-with-you (DWY) Ala-carte model is one-off engagement that doesn’t have to be part of a larger scope of work. No contracts, no hassle, no strings attached.

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